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Some people would suggest that "Untold Secrets" sounds like conspiracy. However, large amounts of information and evidence on Planet Earth are simply not well known; These are the "Untold Secrets." Untold Secrets of Planet Earth series is dedicated to informing you of information you probably have never been told. Years of worldwide research has birthed an amazing collection of information and evidence, that in some cases, may cause you to rethink everything you have ever been taught on these topics. Join thousands of others who have delved into the Untold Secrets of Planet Earth. You may never be the same. Unprecedented research. Amazing photographs. Incredible production. Lasting impact.

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A superb layout and stunning images combine with a fascinating subject to show how the evolutionary explanation of fossils is not sustainable.

Creation Ministries International

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Monumental Monsters is now available in our Store. This fourth book by Vance Nelson explores gigantism in the fossil record. The fossils demonstrate Design, Decline, Decimation, and Demise. They, however, do not show upward evolution.

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A recent article by the Smithsonian, referencing research by Senter and Cole, claims to refute that an ancient petroglyph is a d…

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