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Dire Dragons

Brief Overview

It's time to delve into the mystery surrounding those creatures known throughout the world in ancient times as dragons. Are they merely mythical, or do they have a basis in reality? The answer, based on tangible evidence documented from around the world will astonish you. Dire Dragons provides revolutionary and profound evidence from ancient artwork that there is a real, powerful, documentable, and defensible connection between the dragons of ancient times and the dinosaurs we know so well from fossils. If you need to see the evidence, this book is for you.


Flood Fossils

Brief Overview

Noah. Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Flood. These are often thought to be nothing more than religious sensationalism, pure myth. However, what if the most amazing story of all time turned out to be true? What if our modern secular scientific system was wrong on these points? How would the world change with the knowledge that Noah, the Ark, and the Flood were absolutely true? Flood Fossils provides real, solid, and prodigious evidence for the veracity of Noah’s Flood. Prepare to be amazed: the Ark, the Flood, the fossils.


Amazon Expedition

Brief Overview

To those influenced by evolutionary theory, one of the most preposterous claims
made by Bible-believing creationists is that dinosaurs and humans co-existed. Much
evidence, however, favours the recent existence of dinosaurs. Ancient artwork from
around the globe shows accurate representations of various kinds of dinosaurs.

Amazon Expedition documents the actual journey, study, and validation of an
ancient depiction of what appears to be a sauropod dinosaur surrounded by nine
hunters. Come on an exciting adventure to the Amazon rainforest in Peru, and see new evidence that suggests dinosaurs have lived recently.