Dire Dragons Discovery Kit

These kits are carefully constructed to educate children (and adults) from ages five and up about the connection between Biblical dragons and dinosaurs. Science is used and explained on the cards and in the booklet which comes with the kit. This boxed kit includes some particularly amazing and unusual items. Each item includes a glossy card to help identify it. There are important educational details on the back of each card defending the Bible and creation. There are three velvet bags which include authentic fossils: dinosaur bone, coprolite (dinosaur dung), and mosasaur tooth. Besides these the kit includes two more velvet bags with important casts: a wooden dragon cast from England (original from the 1400s) and casts of dragon coins (originals from the 1400s). The coins are gold plated. These are to show the similarity between dragon imagery and dinosaurs. Finally, there is one more velvet bag with a juvenile T. rex forearm model. The gentleman who makes these made the original one for a program on Discovery Channel. All of the casts and models in our kits are made in England. This is a quality kit designed by Untold Secrets of Planet Earth and sold by only us. All of these items have very important teaching value. These are not toys. This kit was designed to work alongside our book Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons which can be purchased separately in our online store. Limited supplies (no more will be produced).

$185.00 CDN, On Sale $145.00 CDN