Vance Nelson


Vance Nelson is a researcher, speaker, and writer. He travels the world searching for evidence relating to the history of planet earth. He has been on international radio and television. He lives in Alberta, Canada with his wife and children.

"I am a skeptic at heart. I want to see the evidence with my own eyes, examine it with my own hands, and analyze it with my own mind.

During my travels, I have seen things that I could never have dreamed of only ten years ago. The world is an amazing place with an incredible history. Generally, people only hear a tidbit of that history. This book series is designed to give people a vivid glimpse into parts of Planet Earth of which they may have never even thought.

I personally find exploration and research exhilarating. It helps me to better understand who I am, to better understand what my place is in the world and universe, and to better understand where I am headed on this roller-coaster ride called life." Vance Nelson